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The progression of the Knight. It’s hard not to admire the intricacy of this armor. It’s easy to see that these men were practically walking tanks on the battlefield.


Gosh I stayed up til 5am once reading about the stages of plate armour dressing with modern demonstrations from armourers and how exactly you have the weight distributed and the padded underclothes and jajfkabdksb boners

Hello, reference.

Photo 6 Mar 2 notes Close up of the Armor (Taken with instagram)

Close up of the Armor (Taken with instagram)

Photo 6 Mar 3 notes African Caliphate Armor (Taken with instagram)

African Caliphate Armor (Taken with instagram)

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He was known to begin classes by barging into the lecture hall, sometimes in era-appropriate chain mail armor, and bellowing the opening lines of Beowulf at the top of his lungs. As one of his students put it, “He could turn a lecture room into a mead hall.”

10 Things you should know about Tolkien


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this is the type of teacher I wanna be

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