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The Cartier Tank Basculante featuring the Frederic Piguet caliber 6.10

First produced in 1932, one year after the famous JLC Reverso was introduced, when it was becoming more fashionable to play sports. Gentlemen began to require watches that could protect the face during polo or golf, spawning a whole group of reversing watches from a number of manufacturers (including the Universal Geneve cabriolet). In addition to being able to reverse, the Basculante had the added feature of being able to sit at a 90° angle effectively making it usable as a travel desk clock.

Reissued in 1999, the tenure was short lived despite having an extraordinarily well designed case and a movement that some WIS believe to be superior to the JLC basic Reverso caliber, the 846. It’s an undervalued beauty too good for it’s time.

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Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.


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Mirkwood palace guards. From “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles: Art & Design

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Mega-rare #patekphilippe 1518 on the site today. Have a look at HODINKEE.  (at


Mega-rare #patekphilippe 1518 on the site today. Have a look at HODINKEE. (at

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96 People

In April 1989, 96 people went to watch a football match and never came home. They went there to see their beloved Liverpool — and, today, a quarter of a century later, before one of the club’s biggest games ever, those fans were honored beautifully.

Afterward, led by their captain, Steven Gerrard — the paragon of loyalty in a sporting era that often rewards money-grabbing and title hunger far more than fidelity to a cause — they won the game, 3-2, and set themselves up for their first league title since 1990.

When the game finished, Gerrard had tears in his eyes — and while some of those were no doubt down to a mixture of relief, exhaustion, and the thrill of victory — a lot of them were down to something more.

Gerrard’s cousin, Jon-Paul Gilhooley, died at the stadium in 1989 when he was only 10. While most of the time we can freely admit that sports are just sports — and the narratives we spin are irrationally inflated to feed our obsession with a game — sometimes they are something way more important than that.

Sometimes, sports say a lot about life and help us heal wounds that we once thought never could even begin to heal — and today was one of those times. #JFT96 [Posted by Zack]

R.I.P. The 96

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"Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus in Gladiator was certainly an inspiration for my characterization of Joffrey, that had a big impact, the smirk. It’s interesting sometimes  when an audience can empathize with a villain. But to get completely lost in it, it’s exciting just to be intrinsically evil and not to have a speck of good or humanity in their bones."- Jack Gleeson  (x)

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Patek Philippe Minute Repeater 5016 J


Patek Philippe Minute Repeater 5016 J


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Photo 12 Apr 1 note Played in my club’s first tournament today!

Played in my club’s first tournament today!

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Albi the Racist Dragon

Flight of the Conchords is so dumb. I love it!

I know that this has nothing to do with my blog, but it’s just a reminder that Game of Thrones isn’t the only show on HBO worth watching! (There were only like 22 episodes, but the full episodes are on YouTube, so you don’t have to get HBO, or pirate the episodes…)

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